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Today is an exciting day. Thanks to a suggestion at our regional meeting in Bloomington, MN a few
weeks ago we’ve joined the Minnesota Give to the Max Day fundraiser event. This one-day (Thurs,
Nov 17 th ) online fundraiser is for qualifying non-profits only. Basically, it’s a day that’s been created
for non-profits to focus on fundraising campaigns, and for Minnesotans to focus on giving. We were
able to act fast and get registered while at the regional, and collect video submissions as well to use
in our campaign. Also, to be clear, this is an opportunity through a fundraising day in Minnesota, but
all funds raised will benefit District 9 of LPA which serves Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South
Dakota, and Nebraska so we encourage all members willing to share online.

Whether you decide to participate in this fundraising campaign or not, please check out the fun
video (link attached) which was created to share with others the importance of LPA and everything it
offers to our community. Link to video:

These campaigns are important to keeping our funds growing, which will allow us to expand the
ways we serve our members. Some of the things we currently do and would like to expand on
include: help host events for families and members to get together, covers travel expenses for
medical specialists from around the U.S. to our regional events, provides scholarships for continued
education, scholarships to help families in need to attend regional events, helps families with
adaptive equipment, and more!

Another bonus included with participating in the Give to the Max Day is they do special drawings
throughout the day to award cash prizes to participating non-profits. Below are the details for the
Hourly Golden Tickets
On November 17, we’ll be drawing one donation each hour and awarding a $1,000 Golden Ticket!
15-Minute Golden Tickets
Every 15 minutes on November 17, we’ll be drawing a donation from the previous 15 minutes and
awarding a $500 Golden Ticket to a registered organization. That’s 96 chances to win, one every 15
minutes all day long!
Super-Sized Golden Ticket
Our grand prize of the giving day! When Give to the Max Day ends, we draw one donation made
from November 1-17 and award a $10,000 Super-Sized Golden Ticket!

If you’d like to help promote this one day fundraiser here is the link to
share on your social media or via email.



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